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Everything is political. Pop Culture, Art, Music, Sports and of course the business by which we run our country. Bellwether Pod covers it all in unsparing conversation - one on one interview style - with smart, compelling guests who will make you think. Come for the insight, stay for the laughs. We take everything and nothing too seriously.

I’m your host, Laura Fink. I’m a media maven who has worked in national, state and local politics. I’ve built a business helping people tell their stories both in the boardroom and at the ballot box. Really though I’m just a working class kid trying to make good who hails from a house politically divided. I came up in San Diego, in one of Southern California's most diverse communities. My politics are pragmatic blue and my sports teams - well I’m from San Diego - they’re always underdogs. I love Shakespeare, art, live music and great novels - and on the Bellwether pod, I want to talk about them all.

It’s 2019 and we are releasing our first season - BUT I recorded the interviews that comprise these episodes in 2016 - right after the election. I talked with three inspiring experts - College professor Candace Katungi, Labor Organizer and Author Jane McElevey, and the Leader of the California State Senate, Madame President Pro Tem - Toni Atkins. We talked about the seismic revelations that the 2016 election unveiled and I think you’ll find that the conversations we had were not only revealing, but are still relevant and instructive today.

Episode 1

What Up White Women?!

Professor of Africana Studies at San Diego Mesa College Candace Katungi joins us for our election unpack part one to talk about the stark race, class and gender rifts in this year's presidential election - and whether or not any of it was a surprise.

Bibliography: Episode 1

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